Here is where we get quite technical – so therefore if you don’t understand or need further clarification, please get in contact and ask our members of staff




What do we need to know as customers before we order a supply only product?

  • Payment must be taken for supply only products before ordering.
  • The customer is responsible for the size provided by themselves. Therefore, when ordering, please state clearly that the size given is the size you require.
  • If a bespoke shaped piece is required, a template MUST be supplied by customers themselves, of which Thatcham Glass Centre cannot take any responsibility for size inaccuracies. A template being made by our glaziers is possible but will require an additional charge.
  • The thickness of the glass can be advised based on use and location – however prior knowledge is appreciated.
  • Any detailing/attributes of the glass, for example, edgework, designs, spacer colour, gas filled, obscurity and safety glass standard MUST be confirmed before ordering.



What is the difference between “float” and “safety” glass?

“Float” Glass or Ordinary glass is single glazed glass that can only be used above the 1500mm height - this is a part of the law and to prevents injury

Safety Glass is Glass that is either toughened (furnaced glass) or laminated glass (glass with a clear plastic film in between the sheets) that is stronger than ordinary glass and is able to withstand a higher amount of heat/pressure.



What’s the difference between laminated and toughened glass?

Laminated glass – when impacted will crack but hold its shape due to the plastic inner sheet.

Toughened glass – when impacted the glass will shatter into thousands of pieces. Additionally, toughened glass is five times stronger than laminated glass and can tolerate large amounts of heat (that’s why it is used in splashbacks above the hob, tabletops, shelves etc.)

However, both of these safety glass types will be able to withstand a larger impact in comparison to ordinary/float glass.



Do you take card payment?

Yes. However, it is important to note that we only accept card payments above £5. Additionally, we do not American Express.



When a double-glazed panel breaks can a single side of the panel be replaced?

No. Unfortunately, when a part of the panel is misted, broken or damaged, the whole panel must be replaced due to the processing of double-glazed units. If this is the case, it is possible that other aspects, such as the spacers, will also need to be replaced. Double glazed units are made under strict conditions whereby moisture levels are heavily controlled, which is not possible to replicate for only one side of the panel. Don’t worry though, because the panel will always be recycled!

Please contact Thatcham glass if you do require replacement units.



Are there standard sizes for windowpanes?

No. There of course will be windowpanes that may be the same size – but due to the precise accuracy that is required and the fragile state of the material that is glass, every windowpane is bespoke.



Are there rules to observe when fitting glass – for example, safety issues?

As mentioned previously, if you feel uncomfortable or are inexperienced/unskilled in glazing, we require that you contact our experienced glaziers – as safety is always paramount.

Fitting glass is a trade skill that requires particular steps depending on the material frame and type of glass you are fitting.

When handling glass, we recommend that you wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself at all times.



Do you deliver?

Deliver on service and standards? Yes! Deliver glass to your required location? Yes! We are able to provide a delivery service if required. Please contact our office to confirm when placing your order – as additional charges may apply.


Useful Information

When ordering sealed units to install yourself, it is important to state the following information:

Is it safety glass?
Clear or patterned?
Is it an insulation glass?
The colour of spacer you require
The thickness of the piece
Is it gas filled?
Warm edge spacer?

When ordering, please state clearly that the size given is the size you require.
When having new glass fitted, keep the spec on record, along with your guarantees.
Toughened glass is a process, and takes several days to complete.
A FENSA certificate is not issued when replacing glass in existing windows, only when a complete new window or door has been installed.

Glass by its very nature is very sharp, and incredibly hazardous. Too many people become seriously injured by being too flippant around glass and its fitting. Always use a competent glazier if at all in doubt.


For more information on our services please call us on 01635 862588