Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is the most popular form of safety glass – Used to meet building regulations in doors and windows.

Toughened Glass is made by heating the cut glass to a very high temperature and rapidly cooling it. This changes the molecular structure of the glass making it up to 4 times stronger.

All Clear, Low E & Patterned Glass can be toughened. The thinnest glass that can be toughened is 4mm.

Once glass has been toughened it CANNOT BE CUT. Any attempt to cut the glass would just shatter it into tiny pieces. Please double check all the sizes before ordering because any mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards.

Toughened glass takes 7 – 10 days. We send off to specialists for our toughened glass. We do not make it ourselves. We will often send off glass we have cut to be toughened if it is a particular odd shape.

Toughened Glass is not sharp as the edges are arrised at the toughening plant. The edges can be brittle though, catching the edge or corner of the glass can cause it to shatter.

Toughened Glass is stamped in one corner in accordance to the building regulations. We cannot stop this stamp from being put on. However, if the glass is being used for furniture purposes a smaller ‘furniture stamp’ can be requested.


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